Yolele Fonio Pilaf Jollof


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Yolele Fonio Pilaf Jollof
Yolele Fonio Pilaf Jollof

Jollof rice is a rich and savory one-pot party dish made with tomato, onion, bell pepper, and hot chilis, served with braised meat or fish.

Each country in West Africa claims their version to be the best, inspiring delicious and fun-filled jollofwars.

Our Jollof blends these iconic flavors with a different West African grain: fonio. Serve with: Saucy braised meat or fish, hearty greens or beans, in fonio falafel.

Fonio Pilafs are inspired by the best-loved dishes and flavors of West Africa and are ready to eat in just 5 minutes.

Fonio pilafs are light + fluffy and will make any meal more memorable.



Fonio, tomato, salt. Contains 2% or less of: carrot, onion, tamarind, sunflowers oil, paprika, spices. annatto seed, garlic, turmeric, baobab leaf powder. Contains: mustard.
Yolele Fonio Pilaf Jollof
Yolele Fonio Pilaf Jollof

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